Why are website landing pages key to conversion?

Landing pages are pages which the user arrives at from a specific point. They can arrive from several different touchpoints, whether it’s an ad or organically through SEO. But landing pages can be a key tool in driving conversions for your landing page if designed right.

Your website might have many different aims for your website. Usually, it’s getting leads, sales of your product, or even getting someone to sign up for your eBook. In order to best achieve that goal, a well-designed landing page is mandatory. So here are the reasons that you need a landing page.

They are designed to drive leads
As we’ve mentioned, landing pages are key to driving conversion. This is due to the fact that they are exclusively designed to encourage one specific action from their users. If your traffic was driven to your homepage instead of a landing page, your performance will be affected. Users have less of a reason to convert at that point. Without a clear course of action, users will either bounce off the page or instead browse other pages, defeating the purpose of your campaign. There are various ways that you can drive traffic to your landing page. One of the most important ways you can do that is by designing an effective landing page.

Having a separate landing page also means that you can optimize it to load faster. Faster loading pages are crucial to help improve user experience and reduce bounce rate. Plus, they’re great for SEO.

Improve SEO
Landing pages can be great at improving your SEO. For local SEO, having a dedicated landing page for local content can be great at driving traffic to your page. It’s a great way to develop content optimized for a locale.

Designing a landing page means that you can optimize it for SEO from the get-go. It helps you focus on a specific set of keywords. By having it optimized, your page will rank on Google. And ranking on Google means more leads and more sales.

Match your ad to your landing page
Oftentimes, you might have clicked on an ad and landed on a page that had nothing to do with the ad. Having your landing page not align with your ad is one of the fastest ways to lose a competitor. With a landing page, you can create a customized page designed around a specific campaign or even an ad! So, create a landing page for those ads if you want them to perform better.

Landing pages have a lot of advantages. They help drive conversions, help SEO, and help your campaigns stay on message. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you definitely need a landing page. So, go get started! Call us at +971 4 580 3378 if you want to know more about how VOUS can help your business.

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