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What is digital transformation in marketing?

Digital transformation in marketing is a term that’s often mentioned in boardroom meetings and strategy sessions. But what does digital transformation mean?
What is digital transformation in marketing?

Digital transformation in marketing is a term that’s often mentioned in boardroom meetings and strategy sessions. But what does digital transformation mean?

There isn’t an officially accepted definition for digital transformation despite how often it’s said. But it essentially means the adoption of digital activities into all aspects of your business, especially in marketing. It’s taking a proactive approach instead of a reactive approach. It’s about revamping your whole approach to your business, understanding everything from your customer’s needs, behaviors to their entire customer journey.

Digital transformation is making the customer central to your business using an integrated approach with all your digital marketing channels.

The key steps involved in digital transformation are outlined below:

Optimizing your digital channels

It’s time to take a look at your digital channels. Ask yourself some questions.

  • What are you using in your marketing efforts?
  • Where are your leads coming from?
  • What are your customers using?
  • When are they using it?
  • What does your website look like?
  • How does it perform?
  • What tools are you using?

Ask all these questions and then ask one more. What can I do to improve?

Having an idea of your overall performance is crucial in optimizing your business.


Integrating your business activities with effective technology

At some point, you’ve probably noticed that you’re receiving information and leads from different channels. All your different tools are working separately, and your information is all over the place. It becomes hard for you to effectively analyze your business activities and complicated for your different teams to work together.

Using a unified customer relationship platform can be greatly effective at enhancing your business performance.

There are various other tools out there that can all help with your digital activities. They include things like AI, automating your marketing activities, adopting cloud technology, and better analytics tools.

Digital transformation is more than just adopting technology into your business activities. It’s taking a more holistic digital approach to all aspects of your business. Your entire company culture has to adopt all aspects of this change, undergo a digital transformation, so to speak.

As something not easily defined, changes in what contributes to digital transformation are hard to predict. However, there are several trends that we can expect to happen in 2021.

  • 5G finally becomes a thing – We’ve been hearing it for a while. But the rapid adoption of 5G will finally start as more and more devices have 5G accessibility.
  • Remote working is here to stay – The coronavirus has shown us that working from home is not as impractical as we once thought. Some businesses have even seen a rise in productivity.
  • Increased focus on privacy – With the changes to the cookie policy of Google and Apple’s iOS update which affects Facebook, we’re seeing that more and more corporations are seeing the importance of user privacy.
  • Cybersecurity – As the world goes digital, so do security issues. With numerous high-profile cyberattacks, businesses are realizing that it is imperative that cybersecurity is improved.


Digital transformation is more than just a buzzword that CEOs and marketers throw around. It’s a necessary part of any business looking to the future. If you want to grow, you need to go digital. Talk to us at +971 4 580 3378 if you want to know more about how VOUS can help you in your digital transformation journey.

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