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The Worst Threat to your Business Growth is Bad Customer Service

Deepen relationships and deliver authentic customer service with HubSpot Service Hub

Customers’ Expectations are Growing

Your customer service should be in line with your customers’ growing expectations. There is little room to tolerate a bad experience and it can quickly influence your customer’s decision and consideration when it comes to your business. Delighted customers are ones you can retain and nurture, therefore, growing your business.

What Drives Customers Away?

Generic Messages

If your customer receives a message that looks like spam, chances are, they won’t relate and would not likely respond.

Long Holds

Keeping your customer on hold for a prolonged time will create frustration and dissatisfaction with your service.

Repeat Request Details

If you don’t have your customer’s information stored and managed neatly in one place, you’ll end up asking for the same data time and time again.

Feeling like a Number

You have to make your customer feel valued with a personalized response. Once the customer starts feeling only like a number, they will quickly lose all interest.

Poor Customer Experience

An overall bad customer experience will tarnish your brand image and push future customers away. Bad word of mouth can disrupt your other marketing efforts and leave you at a loss.

Better Customer Service Means More Profit

Research shows that companies that are customer service-focused are 60% more profitable. This is because they work on retaining their existing customer base for a more reliable revenue and a less hectic pipeline.

Happy Customers Always Come Back

How will HubSpot Retain Happy Customers?

1.Customer Portal
To empower clients to gain ownership over their own experience with a secure customer portal. It enables faster problem solving and keeps the ticket conversation active between the customers and reps.
2.Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management Tools

To help your company prioritize incoming requests based on importance to ensure that service teams are meeting your customer expectations. With SLA management tools, your teams can set working hours, build in automation, and report on attainment.

3.Mobile Inboxes

To keep your team productive on the go with tools for collaboration and delivering support efficiently.

4.Inbound Calling

To keep your team productive on the go with tools for collaboration and delivering support efficiently.

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