How to drive traffic to your landing page

You’ve tweaked and tweaked your landing page. Your optimization is 100% and you’re all set to drive those conversions. But now what? Well, first you need to get visitors to your landing page. And not just any visitors, you want the users visiting your website to be relevant to your business.

So, how do you drive traffic to your landing page?

1. Paid ads

It doesn’t get more straightforward than this. A paid ad, (whether it’s on Google, Bing, or a social media platform), gives you the ability to directly target your ideal audience and lead them straight to your landing page. The various targeting options mean that only users that are interested in your business and likely to convert will reach your landing page.

Be warned, paid ads aren’t as simple as selecting your target audience and linking your website. Your copy should be written to drive conversions, be relevant to your users, and match your landing page. A falsely advertised landing page means a high bounce rate which in turn means that Google will rank your ad lower.

Social media advertising is also great at reaching a large audience. Facebook’s targeting means that you can get hyper-specific with your target market ensuring that you get more relevant leads.

2. Email marketing

Send emails to leads that you already have in your database. The great thing about email marketing is that it is highly personalized. The custom email linked to your landing page is a great way to drive traffic. To best encourage action, make sure you have the right CTAs.

3. Social media strategy

Have an effective social media strategy. Share your links across different social media channels. Each platform has its preference, so tailor your content accordingly. Consider leveraging existing content that is performing well to push people to your landing page.

4. Guest blogging

Post content on external websites. By doing this, you provide the blog with a service as well as a new outlet for getting leads. A well-placed link can be great at directing traffic to your site. Plus, blogging as a tool is a great way to establish authority. 

5. Optimize for SEO

A long-term plan, optimizing your landing page for SEO can get you relevant, and primed users ready to convert. You can read our blog for tips on the best ways to do it.

6. Influencer marketing

There’s nothing like a recommendation from a trusted source. In the age of social media, we have influencers. Influencer marketing is underused to drive visitors to landing pages. You’re probably thinking that I can’t afford a famous influencer. But depending on your industry, a relevant micro-influencer can be just as effective, and a lot more affordable.

7. Participate in relevant blogs and forums

Answering questions and being helpful can be great at establishing your authority on a topic. And if your information is useful and relevant, it can be a great incentive for people to go to your landing page.

8. Internal linking

You probably already have well-performing pages on your website. Maybe it’s your blog posts or features page, but whatever the case, it’s a great idea to link to your landing pages from there.

In the world of landing page optimization, there are a few things you need to know. Designing a good landing page is one and optimizing it to drive conversions is another. However, it’s all for nothing if people don’t reach your landing page.

But, when everything works well, that’s when the magic happens. So, start working on your landing page now! Talk to us at +971 4 580 3378, if you have any questions.

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