For us CRM isn’t just a platform that organizes client base and services. It is a tool that integrates a smooth and systematic flow. Organizations may believe that marketing is the key to grow, we believe the customer has the power to decide and implement what he requires. We don’t want to confuse you between ERP and CRM. ERP is more accounting based software, while CRM is more system tracking current deals.  

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Why Hubspot crm with vous?

Vous consults the Ideal template and trains your workflow like no other consultancy agency, based on your organizational structure. We partnered with HubSpot to make your user journey reflect in optimal ROI. We aren’t just license holders we are much more as we implement what we offer.   

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CRM onboarding  benefits

Contract management

To know which group they belong to, knowing the customer type. Create deals with all incoming leads to generate best results.  

Lead and deal management

Easy access to the pipeline stages of the sales funnel- qualified to buy- first consultation- contact signed. We lead the client to the funnel for better flow. Easy filter of deals by allowing tags.   

Calendar and task management

Tasks can be created by the managers or the assignee to optimize the internal workflow in the organization. Tasks have to be created constantly to measure which department works at what rate of time.  

Email Integration

Email simplifies the communication between the client and the organization. HubSpot integrates the client past behavior and customizes the ideal mail at a personalized level.

Email Marketing

This enables easy promotion of the product/service provided by any organization by integrates with the marketing services to avoid manual effort of the marketing team.  

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