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Genuine Connections and Engagement

The true essence behind your social media presence is to stay—well, social! Our Social Media Strategy Team will analyze your market and competitors, come up with the ideas and massages that work with your brand and promote your value on the platforms that ensures the strongest connections. Engaging with your audience online is easy—provided you have the content that bridges this communication.

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Crafting an awesome feed is not the final destination, but a stepping stone that connects you with your followers. We narrate stories that bring you closer to your audience and engage with them with the content that they love to see.

Social Media Management Services we Utilize

Market and Competitor Analysis
Editorial Calendar Creation
SEO & Content Marketing
Hashtag Research
Algorithm Optimization
Creative Graphic Design
Video Production
Photography Sessions
Motion Graphics
Content Writing
Account Set-up
Brand Positioning

You Might be Asking

Posting on social media should have a proper strategy with a purpose. If your purpose for posting is to spread awareness and is relevant to your brand identity and persona, then sure, social media drives sales as long as you are original and honest with your content, you will drive engagement organically.

It clearly depends on your product or service that you are promoting. Mainly, you should be present on 4 main social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. For B2B, LinkedIn is best. For building trust and loyalty, it would have to be Instagram and Facebook. For community building, it would have to be Twitter.

Building a social media presence is simple. Most businesses engage on social media after they reach a maturity stage in their product life cycle. We recommend you to start with the introduction stage of Product Life Cycle (PLC).

The number of posts depends on the algorithm of the social media, as the algorithm changes, the number of posts also would vary. Posting once per day is safe, but exceeding that will affect your engagement dramatically. We always recommend quality over quantity.

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