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Restaurant needs Fuel as well

With inbound marketing and growth strategies, we’ve helped some of Dubai’s leading restaurants grow and meet their goals.

How We Boosted

LeBurger is part of one of the biggest burger chains in Vienna. We helped the franchise in Dubai double their clicks, reduce their average CPC by 142%, and exponentially grow their impressions over a period of 3 months by utilizing paid media campaigns and growth tactics.

Restaurants we work with

Increase in Impressions
Lebanese Roaster

Lebanese Roaster provides an assortment of Levantine products. We focus on growing their reach and engagement with paid media campaigns.

Increase in Clicks
Zahrat Lebnan

Zahrat Lebnan is a trademark Lebanese restaurant based in Abu Dhabi that offers the authentic, real Lebanese cuisine. Paid media campaigns worked effectively in generating more qualified leads.

Increase in Visitors

Bosporus is an exclusively Turkish restaurant with 6 branches across the UAE. Our aim was to bring the Ottoman cuisine closer to the people who love it, but at a cheaper cost.

Restaurants We Ignite

Crafting an awesome feed is not the final destination, but a stepping stone that connects you with your followers. We narrate stories that bring you closer to your audience and engage with them with the content that they love to see.

4 Signs Your Restaurant Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

Your social media page is treated just like your menu! If customers learn about your business and find a dry, inactive or visually unappealing page, they will quickly start looking for alternatives. It is absolutely crucial for your F&B business to have a content library that represents all the items in your menu in a professional, creative and stylistic manner that follows your branding guidelines.

Your social media is also where you can directly connect with your customers. Social Media Management isn’t only about the visuals, but about channeling this communication whether through tags or direct messages and building stronger, tighter connections with the people that love what you create!

When searching for your F&B name on Google, it should come up immediately with your Google My Business account. If that’s not the case, then it becomes extremely inconvenient for your current or future customers to locate your business or enjoy your service.

Working on your local SEO and Reputation Management will help you rank up higher organically and connect with the people looking for what you offer exactly. When they’re craving, your name should be the first they see.

The food is delicious, but what’s the story behind it? Your customers are hunger for the historical backgrounds behind every dish, secret family recipes or kitchen miracles that resulted in an entirely new combination of flavor. Your branding plays a crucial role in attracting customers who connect with your values and identity and are ready to establish a deeper, more sincere connection with you.

Investing in proper branding will set you apart from an already overflowing industry and should be the first step you take when opening a F&B business as it will flow through all the creative and marketing decisions you take moving forward.

Testimonials and ratings online provide an overview picture of the quality of a business in a single glance. Whether your F&B business operates solely or has multiple branches, you should be able to keep track of every single testimonial and review. By replying to your customers, answering their concerns and staying in touch, you create a more reliable image for yourself.

This can quickly become hectic, which is why you can automate the entire process. This way, you can reply to all testimonials across all listing platforms at once and keep your customers up to date with any announcements.

Running Appetizing Ads

When working with F&B campaigns, we make sure that every element of the ad is tailored to your brand and flavors. We work on highlighting what sets you apart in the most appetizing and inviting way that appeals to your customers.

These are just a few of the ways we can help your F&B business grow

Website Design and Development
Competitor and market analysis
Performance branding
Customer persona research
SEO & Content marketing
Paid ad campaigns
Photo and Video Sessions
Social Media Management
Listing and Reviews Management

Hubspot Services

Flywheel Growth Strategy