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How to Improve Your Company’s SERP Rankings

Updating content or link building alone can’t buy google ranking. But, with a little work and a few strategic tactics, SEO can be an effective channel for increasing visitors from search engines.
How to Improve Your Company's SERP Rankings

Updating content or link building alone can’t buy google ranking. But, with a little work and a few strategic tactics, SEO can be an effective channel for increasing visitors from search engines. But, before you make improvements, you need to diagnose the problem.

Identifying where and why your rankings are dropping can be just as important as fixing the problem. The goal should not be to start a search optimization project but instead to stop the bleeding.

The first thing you want to do is identify what search terms bring your website traffic ranking down. Once you’ve done this, you can make an informed decision about what to do about it. Follow this guide to improve your company SERP ranking:

1- Understand Google Algorithms

First of all, you need to understand the Google algorithm; if you don’t know what google page rank is, you need to know it. You should understand how Google indexes your site and make an effort to know how Google is moving your site through its system. Besides that, you need to understand where to find the information you need.

2- Understand Your Competitors

You can gather knowledge from your competitors; if your competitor is doing any SEO, you need to research what your competitor is doing. You should know what kind of organic traffic your competitor is getting from Google search and know-how they rank for the very important keywords in their niche.

3- Use Keywords Strategically

You need to understand how Google ranks websites and blogs for every keyword combination. If you are interested in important keywords in your niche, it is necessary to make sure that you have many links to these pages. The more complex the page, the more links it needs. If your competitor is ranking for a certain keyword and you aren’t, making an error may cost you vital space on Google’s SERPs.

4- Write SEO Optimized Content

Use your keywords strategically and write them down in each sentence. Add the page title and meta description to the body of your document or at the beginning of it. Create unique content and use actionable words for every sentence, for example, “We offer pre-made email templates”. Use keywords throughout your content, but add the focus keywords in the intro, outro, headings, and H2.

5- Optimize Your Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Google often uses the title and meta description in identifying websites. Using a keyword or phrase in your title will help improve your site’s ranking. Also, make sure that the content of your meta description is relevant to the page it is appearing on. Making sure that you have alt tags and a clickable image, along with keywords, are important factors that boost your ranking. Ensure that you add this information to images simultaneously as you create them.

6- Get Backlinks from Authority websites

You need to find a website that has authority. You should use the same keywords for your links, and you should use the title tag and meta description that you used for your pages. Use high keywords in your anchor texts to increase your chances of getting a high-quality link.

7- Use Social Media

Social media is a great way to increase the traffic to your website. Increase your article’s share to increase the number of people who see them and make sure they are properly optimized. Plus, it helps get more keywords that you can use in other content or even links.

8- Create a detailed content calendar 

A content calendar is a good tool for monitoring and increasing organic traffic from search engines, especially Google. Make sure that you share this calendar with your team members so they can back you up on publishing new content. When creating a detailed content calendar, you need to plan every post and page, along with the titles and meta descriptions.

9- Add Rich Snippets to your site

Rich snippets are snippets of code that allow you to display information in an expanded format. They have been proven to increase click-through rates and enrich the user experience. To add rich snippets to your site, you need the Google Analytics ID.

There are several ways that you can add Rich Snippets to your site. You can use a plugin that provides this functionality. You should also add it manually if you want to be as precise as possible.

Before you make any changes, Do You Need a Professional SEO

If you are not doing SEO yourself, it is necessary to seek professional help from SEO agencies or professionals. A professional SEO company will help you build your rankings to the highest possible level. At VOUS Agency, we are committed to helping marketers use search engine optimization to improve ROI and organic traffic.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our experts that can work with your budget, and we can help rank your business higher on the search engines.

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