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Dr. Yasmin Kottait

Dr. Yasmin Kottait is a pediatric dentist that aims to bring joy and familiarity into the dental world. She has been crafting beautiful smiles on little kids for 16 years with a focus on people of determination and children on the Autism spectrum. 

Our Approach

To Making Things Better

Analyzing and studying Dr. Yasmin’s account enabled our social media team to understand exactly what was lacking. Different post formats, the addition of Arabic to the content and creating more engaging and fun content were just a few ways we utilized to establish her brand identity more visually. 

With every editorial calendar, we were able to optimize what was working well with her target audience. Our main objective was to carry her vibrant personality through her posts while keeping them informative and timely. 

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Brand Positioning

A Cartoon Version!

Since a lot of the posts created for Dr. Yasmin’s social media contain illustrations, we also made sure to make a cartoon out of her character. This helps us incorporate her more in comics and greetings. As a pediatric dentist, we wanted to ensure that she stays truly magical in the eyes’ of her loveliest patients. 

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