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Sales in Sweats

Jennifer Langen - April 8, 2020 - 0 comments

It is no secret that this unprecedented time has dropped a tidal wave of uncertainty on this generation. Social norms carefully crafted over decades have crumbled and businesses are left scrambling to change their purpose. However, there’s something thriving through all of this – documenting and monetizing the situation through several channels – and that’s digital marketing. As trying as COVID-19 has been, it should be looked at not as a time of wallowing, but as a time for growing. The inevitable “self-isolation” time spent with you, you, and more you, is the perfect opportunity to seek out new prospects within your business. Can you reevaluate a dated process? Or curate a new road to attract sales? When circumstances shift, we need to shift with them, and embrace our deepest form of adaptability.

The world we once knew has disappeared like the last weeks lunch, and it’s time to begin moving forward. Not too long ago there were plans of face-to-face interactions: whether it be events, meetings, or social gatherings. These types of arrangements are now put on an indefinite hold. Which means in order to stay positive and continue living a comfortable life, we need to make many adjustments. Let’s begin with evaluating the landscape. The limitations of modern-day society are number one. The severe hit to the global economy is number two. The unpredictability is number three. With each of these elements in mind how do we push forward?

I personally had to adapt to the new climate that has recently sunk in as reality. Shifting from a predominantly physical events business to a solely digital company has been…an adjustment to say the least. Since doing so, I have realized the surge in demand for companies looking for new strategies behind their digital marketing. We have had such a rise in interest we began calling them “Corona Campaigns”. Today, I will give you some fresh, free advice on how your business can generate sales while you’re in sweats. Just because you’re lounging in your comfiest joggers sipping tea while you work doesn’t mean it’s a time for less productivity.

  1. Know the value of your channels
    Even before COVID-19, the world was heading towards a higher percentage of digital interaction. Discover the value in which channels are most beneficial to your business. Instagram, Facebook, Google, Pinterest etc. all of which have beneficial marketing tools specific to industry. Find the right channels for your business.
  2. Evaluate your business with analytics
    Begin tracking various elements of your business. What is successful? What isn’t? How do you quantify that? Now think consider how to use this information to alter operations.
  3. Seek out the gaps you can fill in your industry
    Dig into what specifically shifted in your industry. What may have been an afterthought could now be a new focal point in your business.
  4. Create a soundproof strategy
    Think long term, what do you predict the next 6-12 months will look like. How can you use this to alter your strategy? Consider the points above when mapping out your plan.
  5. Allocate the right amount of spending to the right areas
    Once you have discovered the gaps, have accurate analytics, and strong strategy in mind, consider what you should be targeting and how. Assess how to make each dollar count and ensure you are reaching the correct consumers to push your business to the milestone.
  6. Be aware that being as hyper connected as we are is a blessing and a curse
    things or for information
  7. E-commerce e-commerce e-commerce!
    It’s no secret that B2C e-commerce is the most direct way of sales. Setup a simple e-commerce platform on your company site to supplement otherwise lost revenue during this time. If you are not a product consider selling informative videos, or classes to consumers.
  8. If all else fails, ask for help
    It is never a bad thing to look for a helping hand when an area is out of your depth. Look to experts or agencies to run the show for you or get you started.

As we weather this pandemic storm together, it’s time to think and act differently. If you haven’t taken advantage of digital offerings – now’s the time. Let us know if you have a similar story to ours and have to shift your business because of COVID-19…we’re in this together. Vous would love to help you come out of this stronger – because together, we can surf this tidal wave of uncertainty.

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